Camp, Cottage, Vacation Home and Rental Care

We keep an eye on your camp as if it is our own and we provide on-call 24/7 services.

Call us hours ahead if you’re coming up and we’ll do your shopping, open your camp, and make sure everything is cozy upon arrival. We are also available to clean and close up after you leave!

Seasonal Needs

We will provide camp interior or external clean-up including snow removal, spring clean-ups, summer maintenance, and end of season clean-up or closing.

Early season clean-up, leaf raking, branches, etc. Lawn maintenance weekly including mowing, weed control, watering and flower planting.

Dock installation and removal.

Late season needs like water lines, fire wood and leaf clean-up.

Winter driveway and walkway snow removal, snow removal off of roof when necessary, cut, split and stack firewood, pellet pickup and delivery.

Upkeep Needs

Interior services include anything from normal housekeeping to light maintenance, for example painting.

External painting, pressure washing, gutters, lawn and garden maintenance, landscaping.

Pressuring washing staining or painting.

Eagle Eye

Looking for storm damage, any interior or external damage or break-ins.

Daily, weekly or monthly in-person inspections.


Animal babysitting, dog or cat walking and feeding.

Food shopping and delivery prior to your stay. 

Heat and electric turned on prior to your stay. 

Garbage and camp close-up when you leave.