Lake George Ice Fishing

February 2,2022

Since my last report I’ve been the ice on Lake George has become thick enough for me to be comfortable. I prefer a minimum of 6 inches before starting to venture out too far. Fortunately the weather has cooperated and although heating bills have escalated so has the thickness of the ice. In the northern basin I marked 11 inches of ice. Last week, I marked 8″ in several southern basin spots and 11″ out toward the tip of Green Island. I am not saying that the entire lake is the same, but for me and the spots I fish, I’m confident I can venture safely.

The main issue with the lake are the Ice Eaters. These devices are used to keep water moving and ice from forming outside the break walls, boat docks and boathouses. More and more home owners are using these devices and we have extended stretches of shoreline that is not freezing. Add this, to constant wind, cold temps and an expanding ice sheet, we end up getting pressure ridges, large cracks and shifting ice. What may be good access this morning, may not be when you get off at night. From my viewpoint a lot of this is overkill and feel someone is going to get seriously hurt. Having worked at several lakeside homes, I know for certain that these devices are not on the home owners property, they are being placed in a public waterway and in my opinion obstructing others from legal access and enjoyment of the watershed. Fortunately there is traction on this topic with recent articles in our local papers. More to come I guess.

Fishing…yes the fishing has been good. As long as I arrive at my spots before daylight and at around the last hour of the day, the perch bite has been pretty good for me. My best tactic is a 1/8th oz fire tiger jig that looks like perch fry tipped with a mousie. When I arrive, I pre drill several holes in a quadrant and start at the center hole. As soon as the perch start getting smaller size I move out either left or right and hope to find where the jumbos moved off to. My theory is when the jumbos see other school members disappear, they move away. I’ll fish this way till they stop all together and then move out to deeper water for lakers and salmon. The perch bite has been fantastic 40 ft mark or less.

Laker and salmon fishing has been equally good as well. Find that 50 ft mark, preferably on an edge and drop a dead sucker to the bottom. This method will not disappoint. With the issue of not having Hunts Shiners this season, Salmon fishing has been a little harder. Try a medium shiner under the ice along shore. Stay far away and approach softly.

Good Luck and if you have questions, pm me.