January 8th 2022

Winter has finally showed up. Not the full force of winter like we experienced in the past, but just enough to make ice safe for me to go out on. My preference is 4″ and better. What I found was a varied thickness from 5″ to 8″ with a few inches of snow on top. Temperatures when we started were -8 with windchill at -18. Bluebird blue skies warmed us up to a high of 21 for the day. In my mind, a perfect day on the ice.

Fishing wasn’t bad nor was it great. On the jig stick front we managed several lookers and 3 or 4 good hits. The best tactic was bounce the bottom a few times, then dead stick the jig a foot or more off the bottom.

Tip-ups with dead bait on the bottom resulted in 4 total and 3 lost bait. We kept 2 Lakers for the smoker which which were respectable 25″ and 26″

This weeks arctic blast should thicken up most of the smaller waters in the Lake George area and add enough ice on the northern lakes for safe ATV or snowmobile travel. My guess is Lake George will start locking up by the weekend as long as we don’t get any wind.

I’m still booking trips for trout, salmon, pike and perch. Tightlines and stay safe