Shoulder Season

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  To be truthful, I didn’t realize how quickly time had passed. I’m writng this while sitting in my dodge dealership as my truck gets its spring service.  The last time I was in here, it was around November 5th, I had severe cold/flu pnuemonia like symptoms and worring whether or not I’d be able to spend the week in camp with the guys. The other thing I remember is it was spitting snow and raw.

Today is a complete reversal of that day.  My guns are still waiting to be cleaned, I have a leaf blower that needs repair and it’s absolutely gorgeous out.  The morning temps have been in the high teens leveling out to mid 40 and low 50’s.  We have plenty of snow on the ground and theres still ice fishing on Lake George.  

These are the kind of days you wait for all year.  If I could find a place that had this 365, I’d live there, instead I’ll take the bruises and wait for the shoulder season.